Guide to finding an amazing event planner

Finding an amazing yet trust worthy event planner can be…..a challenge to put it lightly. The market is saturated with new comers and old veterans that still use table runners haha :0. So to save you a little effort,  event bliss.  has created a guide that will give you some ideas as to where you need to start.


Cover the basics:

First thing is first,  you need to cover the basics and by that I mean. Know what you are wanting before you starting looking            for an event planner. What type of event is it? what is your colour scheme?, where is the event?, what vision do you have of the event? I know think you get what the basics are.

Find niche planners:

Ever heard the saying, jack of all treads but master of non? That is a very real thing in the event planner world. I’m not saying its impossible for an event planner to truly be great at planning baby showers, wedding planning, bridal shower planning. You name it! A planner always has a type of event they are brilliant at, that is the planner you want.

Talk to previous clients:

A little thing I recommend you do is Facebook inbox people that have left reviews on the planners page. The good and the ugly reviews will really give you a sense of what went wrong and what the planner did about it. Going with your gut felling is really important too, you might be dealing with a new comer who will not only surprise you but deliver a stunning event.

Look out for customer service:

A professional event planner understands customer satisfaction and customer service. Watch out for how prompt and professional the planner responds to your questions, request for quote and phone calls. This will give you an idea of how you will be treated along the way. If things are great to start, you might be looking forward to a great partnership. A planners website and social media will also tell you a lot about how serious they are as a company and the type of service you can expect.


We  hope you enjoyed the 4 step guid on how to find a great event planner for your next event. If you would like to hire and props for your wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday or more. Contact us through our email or send us a DM on our instagram. Good luck finding your next event planner!



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